Good News

Progress is shaky. To not broadcast too much, the life situation is not ideal for posting regularly or accomplishing everything I want to do. That’s no excuse, and this isn’t a self-pity post. It’s an update regarding actual good news. That is to say, actual progress.

Later today, I’ll finally be putting use to this site and gaining some traction with the launch of RPG a Month!

Which, you might have guessed, will be a new RPG released at the start of each month here on the Archfossil site. The first one, I had planned to release a few days ago (the 1st to keep it simple), but I’m perfectly fine with marking the date of the very first, of a hopefully long running series, on my birthday. (It’ll be easier to remember this way, and it’s kind of cool.)

The RPG will be posted in a sort of draft form. I haven’t had time to test it, time to hone it, time to appreciate it. All of this will come as soon as I can do it, and I’ll be posting constant updates regarding all of that information here.

On top of any and all information regarding the RPG and tests as well as game journals, I’ll be trying to post a worthy expansion to the game at least once a week. Whether this be new content for the game, adventure hooks, maps and locations (not likely because I’m not a great artist, but not entirely out of the realm of possibilities) there will be something new at least each week and possibly (probably) much more frequently than that.

Also to clarify, Archfossil will not become %100 about RPG a Month. There will be larger projects releasing when possible. A kickstarter is in the works, and collaboration attempts are being made. But RPG a Month will be my one-man project for as long as I can keep it that way. Just something to keep this site from gathering dust. I hope everyone enjoys it.


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