RPG a Month

RPG a Month – Release Method Explained

RPG a Month launched on May 4th with ACE, a game about spy action and espionage. If you haven’t checked it out, please do. But it’s been a few days since publishing it, and I’ve rethought the RPG a Month release system.

RPG a Month is a project that will be releasing a new RPG on the first of every month. These games are entirely free for anyone to read, play, and enjoy. The only thing you need is a basic understanding of RPG terms, some dice, and some friends.

Originally, the idea was to release an RPG at the start of the month and update it every week with new content, expansions, adventure hooks, and whatever else I could think of that I felt the game needed. But I have too many ideas, and too much energy, to only update a game 4 times or so. They each deserve so much more than that.

The solution? Every game will receive a major update EVERY month around the same time that a new RPG a Month releases. Each game will remain active and receive content for three months at a time. After three months, a game will go “offline” no longer receiving any expansions or content to make room for the other games that will have released.

The content roadmap  will look something like this. (also here’s a peak at future games and ideas.)

MAY 2016

  • ACE release.

JUNE 2016

  • Altered release.
  • ACE : Armory Update

JULY 2016

  • Ruby Seas release.
  • Altered : Rivals Update
  • ACE : Coalition Update


  • Prey release
  • Ruby Seas : Cursed Fort Update
  • Altered : Guild Update
  • ACE goes Offline.

So as you can see, ACE releases in May, receives major updates in June and July, and goes offline to make room for Prey in August. This is the pattern I think everyone can be happy with.

Games that are offline will not be hosted on the site anywhere. I’m using a free account (for now!) and I’ll need the space for other things as I release them. However, I will have a copy of every game and I would be glad to send them to anyone who asks for older games by contacting me at any of the lines on the Contact page. In other words, Offline does not mean the game is gone forever, just that I’m not releasing content for it anymore on the site.

Thanks for the read, I hope this cleared the air and explained my intentions. Let me know if you have any questions or comments about RPG a Month or Archfossil in the comments or somewhere on twitter.



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