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Update – ACE v1.2

ACE is an international agency that operates in environments both openly hostile and clandestine. ACE is a third party spy network with elite operatives and a web of connections spanning the entire world. Basically if a problem is large enough to
force the inclusion of ACE, it is on an apocalyptic scale.

ACE Agents are international players in the field of espionage. Allied with no country, their work benefits the entire world rather than a single nation. Acting as allies with other intelligence agencies, ACE agents focus on areas that require the help of
a third party rather than problems that can be solved internally. However the case for new and young recruits is often different, with them being tossed into less world-shattering problems so that they may become more venerable.

Perhaps due to their status as non-government and non-affiliated making ACE Agents seem expendable to outside agencies, or perhaps because of the reputation of ACE Agents capabilities, agencies that work with ACE have a tendency to put any ACE
Agents into the worst situations. Generally this equals a very low survivability rate. This has cultivated a “golden rule” among ACE Agents.

Hope for the best, expect the worst.

The second update / patch for ACE goes live today. The changes are small, but a good step forward for the game.

Item weight limits have been adjusted allowing characters to carry more stuff, in turn allowing them to use cooler spy gadgetry.

The Rank 5 item “Hatchet” has been adjusted to a lower rank. It didn’t quite make sense that your basic woodcutting axe was exclusive to a super spy.

An item has been added to Rank 5 called the Wedge. It’s a suggestion from one of the player / playtesters in the ACE group which is defining the game journals posted here. The little device is like a high tech door stopper and will shut down all entry without tearing down the door.

Per usual, the old update link will be removed, and the new one will be the current one.

RPG a Month #1 – ACE v1.2
ACE has been updated to v1.3 here. Sorry if this ruins your bookmarks. ♥

You’re free to download, distribute, share, and play ACE as much as you want. You are NOT free to edit or alter ACE in any way without Archfossil permission. If you have suggestions to change the game, use the contact page and let me know.

If you appreciate ACE or the RPG a Month platform and you want to show it, I’ve got just the thing over at Patreon. Become a sponsor, be involved, help me run Archfossil, and together we’ll rule the galaxy as father and son.


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