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Operation Oversight – pt1

We had a shorter game than usual due to schedule issues, so you’ve got a shorter story / journal here.

The Best Laid Plans

The team has their options. Correia is hiding out and nursing a wound. Either from Uhu’s shot or potentially broken ribs from the rough skyhook extraction. Belisle is clearly involved and we must discern why. And intel has determined a third party must be involved, Correia and Belisle’s resources together couldn’t have raised the military presence that was there in Cordoba.

They decide to start with the hunch regarding the third party. About a decade ago there was an op run in Avionus Tower in Lacium City. The tower is home to a mysterious broadcasting source and ACE saw fit to investigate. However the team that went in had their comms cut and were lost with no indication as to where or why. A follow-up mission was never ordered. The few other groups ACE was considering who would help Belisle and Correia have been ruled out, so they’re taking a really long shot in a very deep dark and guessing the people at the top of Avionus may be involved. The new ACE transfer from the Hystead K.C.S., Sam Nelson, was selected to infiltrate the building and report back. Meanwhile the group would take on Belisle.

The plan is… shaky at best. “A three pronged attack on the possible locations Belisle could be” is about the nicest way to put it. A more accurate description could be “Send everyone everywhere and hope for the best.”

The intel comes in…

A hideout in Hystead populated by a planted crowd of drug runners where Belisle had been known to visit occasionally. He must be keeping something there.

His last known location, a Taco Hut in Biscayne. Intel shows he’s kept an agent in the area to keep an eye on things.

And the yacht that Belsile inherited from his father, and had used as a hideout and base of operations for ACE missions in the past.

The group would have to divide and conquer. Belisle is an intelligent man. Any security compromise at any one location would result in him purging any valuable intel from the others. So everyone picks their favorite.

Uhu immediately begins throwing around his weight from the promotion after Operation Hydra and hand-picks a team to bring to Hystead. With the assistance of the local enforcement agencies, he has the building surrounded, locking out any outside reinforcements the drug runners will bring in.

Clover jumps on the opportunity to head to Biscayne. Says that she can use the vacation.

It leaves Velvet stuck with the yacht up in the frigid ocean west of Seward. With no team, and almost no assistance from Overwatch, he’s going to be stuck infiltrating the ship solo.

It begins…

The pool hall raid goes remarkably well. The top floor apartment is breached easily. The main pool hall is stormed effectively, only resulting in one kill, but a half dozen injuries. The squad pulls together and they all know what they’re looking for. A basement level where Belisle is most likely hiding whatever makes this location valuable to him.

Uhu orders a breach of the floor. The charge detonates, but reveals nothing other than a simple stone floor. For hours Uhu’s team attempts to breach and sledge their way through the floor, until eventually one member manages to find the true entrance…

Taco Hut

The Taco Hut is unusually busy for this time of day. It’s the first thing Clover notices when she enters. She’s got a name, a Brett Naylor who is a new hire and already assistant manager. Most likely, he’s Belisle’s plant.

Clover overhears a conversation about the lazy Mr. Naylor and asks the Cashier on duty where to find him. She tells Clover that Naylor has been busy cleaning the restrooms for way too long and then gets back to her very busy “restaurant.” Clover makes her way to the restrooms and sees a wet floor sign in front of the mens. She checks the ladies and, of course, there’s a line. She takes a mental note that this place is way too busy for the hour and day and then moves to the mens.

One old man is in here using the urinal and Naylor is standing at the sinks on his phone, speaking russian when Clover enters.

“The line for the ladies’ was too long. I won’t be a minute.” She says as she steps in. The old man gets nervous, doesn’t know what to do. Naylor on the other hand, doesn’t care.

“Listen lady you can’t be in here. As soon as you’re done you need to get out of here so I can clean this place.” he says to Clover before turning to the old man. “And same with you, I don’t care if your shit doesn’t work, you can’t stand there all day.” Naylor is very rude.

The old man asks for privacy and Naylor storms out the bathroom while Clover moves to a stall. “I’m only waiting one minute, and then I’m removing you.”

Clover attempts to get a read on the old guy, but doesn’t manage a good look before Naylor starts counting down from 10 outside the door. Clover jumps out of the bathroom and begins speaking to Naylor in Russian. The two begin chatting and Naylor begins to warm up to her when the explosion triggers from the mens room behind her.

Other Bad News

Back at the pool hall the entrance to the basement is plain stark white stone, and the steps are just flat carved into the ground. Leading deep under the building, the pitch black is barely illuminated by the lights from the pool hall. The passages are numerous and twisting. Some of Uhu’s team immediately recognize the area as the rumored Bunker, but Uhu has never heard of it. Miles upon miles of endlessly twisting and winding tunnels used by the ACE agents back in the days predating World War 1 as a method of hiding important and valuable documents. Belisle must have found the Bunker and been using it when he was on active duty. Unfortunately for Uhu, the transition from paper to digital has left the modern ACE intel without a clue on how to navigate the darkness, and common sense dictates these passages are most likely trapped to hell and back.

But wait, it gets worse

The arctic waters of Seward are home to not much other than ice, Belisle’s Yacht, and agent Velvet.

While he had expected to be outnumbered, he hadn’t expected to be this outnumbered. Helicopter and Zodiac patrols occasionally scan the water. The yacht itself is also alive with guard patrol teams armed to the teeth. And he hasn’t even seen past the top deck yet.

“I think we know where Belisle is.” Velvet says to Overwatch as he begins to plan his approach.

Want to see how it ends? So do I. Consider helping us make more of these by checking out the Archfossil Patreon. ♥


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