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ACE – Adventure Hooks | Braley Clocktower, Kenewald Canal, & The Dollhouse

Kicking off June by keeping with the schedule and releasing some adventure hooks for those of you out there hosting ACE in your gaming circles. And if you aren’t hosting ACE in your gaming circles, don’t worry, there’s still time to read it and give it a go. A 14-page rules light game about espionage? What’s not to love?

In the ACE allied country of Hystead, a new terror cell has made itself known. Calling themselves The Toxin, the cell has sprung to action and planted dangerous chemical bombs in the landmark Braley Clocktower. According to the Hystead K.C.S. (King’s Clandestine Service) The Toxin is smuggling in their weapons right under the port authorities at Kenewald Canal. Using satellite imagery and good old fashioned stake-outs the K.C.S. has managed to root out a makeshift bomb factory based in the old Dollhouse toy manufacturers.

Braley Clocktower

The local authorities have already cleared everyone out, but the chemical weapon has been triggered. Forced out of their usual armor and into hazmat suits, and with their vision obscured by a deep yellow chemical fog, the ACE team must be prepared for a firefight where any bullet contact could mean instant painful death by way of acidic chemical agents.

Battling their way to the top of the clocktower, dealing with narrow catwalks, low visibility, and impossible odds the team must manage to reach, and disable, a chemical bomb of an unknown type.

Will they survive the climb? And what will they do when they get to the top?

Kenewald Canal

At the busiest canal in Hystead, The Toxin has found a way to smuggle in dangerous weaponry and unleash it on the public. The port authorities may be corrupt, or perhaps just totally inept. The intel is of a particularly low quality for this op.

How the ACE team goes in may be the most important factor. Do they come in incognito and simply try to scope things out? Or do they sneak in under cover of darkness hoping to find something shady? Will they break down the gates with the police at their back demanding answers?

The only thing that’s for certain in Kenewald is one wrong move could lead to The Toxin detonating their bombs and slaying the hundreds of civilians present at the public Canal and polluting the waters nearby with dangerous chemicals. No matter what the ACE team does here, they’ll have very little margin for error to pull it off.

The Dollhouse

A creepy run-down toy manufacturer  that the local youth have written off as haunted is now the home to something much worse than any specter. The Toxin have set up shop here amidst the rust coated conveyor belts and derelict factory grounds. Using the seclusion to house their chemical weapons and bomb components, the Toxin is prepared to hold this spot with their life as they believe it to be their last safe haven.

Storming the Dollhouse will be a nightmare. The interior is almost pitch black andit’s likely the surviving members of The Toxin have strewn about several gas or acid based traps. The derelict factory setting also allows for some unique ambushes and runs across broken catwalks that could collapse at any minute. Firefights will be equally chaotic and dangerous as the bullets could hit any unusual thing from active chemical bombs, to run down machinery causing any number of horrible effects. Stealth won’t be an option since The Toxin is aware that ACE is coming, and have battened down the hatches so to speak.

Will the party have the nerve to step into the horror machine that is the Dollhouse? Will they sacrifice armor for hazmat, taking priority in the bullets or the chemical traps? Is this truly the last card The Toxin has up their sleeve?

Here’s the first of many more of these adventure hooks to come. If you like it and use any of the settings, even if it’s not for ACE, I’d love to hear about it on twitter or any of those contact links. And if you want to see more stuff like this, consider giving my patreon a tip? I would love to do this full time, and I can only do that with your help. ♥


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