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RPG a Month #2 – Altered

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The second official entry into RPG a Month is Altered. A superheroic game taking place on a not-earth called Azraq. A long time ago an alien race referred to as The Outsiders parked their giant space station called The Citadel next to Azraq right above the nation of Aglos.  The Outsiders started kidnapping people and changing them. Giving them powers in accordance with some mysterious prophecy they never felt like sharing with the rest of the world. The Altered would become heroes and villains, some using their powers for the good of all, others preferring to act selfishly.

A couple generations later and Azraq is obsessed with superpowers. Tech Based heroes become popular as people design crazy devices to fight the good fight with the big boys. And the unforeseen event of Altered humans passing down their genetics began to breed Mutants, born with their powers rather than selected and gifted to them by the Outsiders.

After a small and bloody revolution, The Outsiders decided Mutants could stay, but only if they register with the Citadel and accept tracking chips. The Outsiders take their prophecy very seriously, and it doesn’t seem to include mutants…

Altered is a medium-length book composed of about 24 pages of actual rules (not that much if you think about it.) and another 20+ pages of powers available for your hero to use. From Altered Form to Zenith, you’ll find something in there that you’ve always secretly wanted to be able to do.

First update for Altered will be next week when I try to clean it up a bit. I hadn’t realized the first week of June would be only 3 days long or I’d have this edited and looking much better than it currently does (or so I’d like to think.)

So yeah, be prepared to handle super-June where the next month is filled with Altered stories, journals, and adventure hooks.

Also, just a quick shout-out, as of the time of posting this, I’m looking for a roll20 group who will want to jump into a weekly game of Altered. Our adventures will be posted in Game Journals here for all of the internet to see. So if you’re into that kind of thing, this might be the chance for you!

RPG a Month #2 – Altered

You’re free to download, distribute, share, and play ACE as much as you want. You are NOT free to edit or alter ACE in any way without Archfossil permission. If you have suggestions to change the game, use the contact page and let me know.

RPG a Month is a challenging task done almost entirely by just myself. It’s a full-time job in every possible sense. So consider this an official “ask for help” to basically allow me to keep this up. It’s my dream to contribute meaningfully to the Tabletop RPG world, and I can only do that with your help. So check out the Archfossil Patreon, and give it a read and consider helping me out in an effort to make a difference.


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