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Writing Altered – How I Screwed Everything Up (and then tried to fix it before anyone noticed)

Occasionally you’ll see me mention things on Archfossil like “bear with me through some growing pains.” or “I’m still kind of falling into this” and this is one of those unfortunate times.

On Friday I released the 2nd RPG a Month entry, Altered. A superheroic game about aliens and powers and pew-pew noises and wearing tights. The powers list is huge, and the game size hit just about 52 pages or so, half of which were just a list of powers. Unfortunately, it was basically unplayable.

At no point in the entire PDF about the superheroic tabletop RPG did I ever, to any degree, mention what dice you should use and when. I gave zero indication that it was a d20 game (and actually at the time of writing this realized I never indicated what 2d12e means, though I use it at least twice in the PDF I think.) On top of a few other errors like not having anything to spend any money on, and some powers being painfully, obviously, over or under powered (Ultimate Attribute would have been stupid to not take when it costs so little and gave you instant success when rolling that attribute.)

In short, I rolled a nat 1 on my “write game” check.

But I’m not about that life, and while I could have just stealth-fixed it over the weekend, It’s 2:30 in the morning 10 or so hours before this post is getting made and I would like to sleep. I’m not done “fixing” all of my mistakes, I want to add explanations for the 2d12e thing, as well as adding more equipment and some Quality of Life things (vehicles, rules for vehicles, housing, rules for camping & harsh environment survival for when you try to sleep at the park during winter.)

Personally and honestly, I’m ashamed of how it turned out. But that’s why I’m posting this, so you know that I see it and I’m fixing it. This won’t be the quality I become associated with. So stick with me through this speed bump (speed hill? speed mountain?) I’m going to get it all sorted out.

Moving forward, I’m going to be submitting the major posts (the things I charge people for on Patreon) to someone to proofread and catch all the dumb mistakes I’ve made before I post them and have to follow-up with a big dumb apology.

What kind of idiot would go “Wow I screwed up, you should give me money.”

…This kind of idiot! Check out the Archfossil Patreon where all future projects will be handled much better. I mean look at the learning experience we just shared.

“Not even a blind raccoon falls into the same trap twice.”
-Someone Probably.


One thought on “Writing Altered – How I Screwed Everything Up (and then tried to fix it before anyone noticed)

  1. Funny story, I posted this without updating the actual PDF I was talking about being updated. It was a very late night for me.

    This morning I realized a couple of other small things which were still messed up. I never updated the table of contents for example, and some of the tables are broken up poorly among the pages. Little things that I could fix easily. So I’ll be doing that at some point today.


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