ACE – Working Man

Sam Nelson is an expert double-agent. Perfectly at home deep in enemy territory. He’d commit unspeakable acts to not blow his cover, and has on occasion, killed to keep his identity safe and deflect any suspicion. Nelson is a master of his craft and leaves very little to chance on his infiltrations.

Avionus Tower was different.

His first day, Sam was greeted by his boss in maintenance and engineering. His alias, Isaac Wells was pulled from a database of randomly generated names out of the United Kingdom census. It came complete with fake NINO and address that Clover filled in when she applied on Sam’s behalf from the ACE Headquarters before leaving to Biscayne.

“Isaac, my name is Dennis. I’ve read through your resume, it’s rather impressive, but it appears you’ve been out of this line of work for a while?” Clover had given Sam a buffer to sort of “re-learn” this particular craft. The work absense had been mostly true anyway. Nelon’s last infiltration job before Operation Hydra was with a biker gang in Detroit for a few year and required very little maintenance work.

“Yeah, my life fell apart there for a while. I’m just getting it all back together and I think it’d be good to take some graveyard shifts in the tower, just fixing working with my hands and being alone with my thoughts.” Sam said back while shaking Dennis’ hand.

“Not entirely sure you’ll get exactly what you want here. Avionus has a twenty-four hour staff.” Something ACE didn’t know.

“Oh, I didn’t know. I mean, I knew about the graveyard shift but I assumed it’d just be cleaning, maintenance and security like with most places.” Sam knew this would make getting to the higher floors harder, but it was still manageable.

“For the most part, but the upper echelon in the tower practically live here. Actually you’ll get a chance to meet them. Something they don’t usually do with new employees.” Sam knew a red flag when he saw one…

“They want to speak to me?” Sam asked.

“Of course, they’ve been excited about your arrival ever since you applied. They’ve been asking me to “send Mr. Nelson” our way” everyday…” Dennis stopped mid-sentence. His face turned to an expression of horror as he and Sam made eye contact.

“Mr. Wells you mean?” said Sam while reaching for a screwdriver on the table expecting to have to stab and bleed his way out of the tower.

“Wait, Sam. It’s really not what you think.”

Sam flipped the table containing all the tools and floor layouts used in orientation for new employess and bolted for the door leading to the break room, and from there to the lobby. He didn’t know what he’d do about the security at the front, but he’d improvise.

But Sam never made it that far. The second he opened the door to the breakroom he saw it was already occupied by three soldiers wearing heavy ballistic armor and wielding riot guns. A man in a soaking wet, but otherwise very expensive looking suit entered behind them. He had a slight cough as he stepped forward.

“Mr. Nelson.” those two simple words echoing like distant thunder.

“You’ve saved us some trouble by meeting us here. We have a lot to talk about.” said the Tempest while the armed guards black bagged and hand tied Sam.

This is a busy week while I sort out the million+1 adjustments I need to make to Altered to get it to not suck, as well as some real life things to take care of. But I’m doing my best to at least keep content out everyday, even if it’s short like this story was. And if that doesn’t prove I’m dedicated enough to this craft for you to check out my Patreon, well then I’m going to link it here anyway because it’d be a real big help and I would think the world of you just for your consideration.


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