ACE Armory Update

ACE Armory Update Logo.png

The first part of ACE’s Armory Update is live.

Current in this update is a bunch of new gear for the armory including parachutes, rebreathers, new methods of communication, and the Authorization for HALO Drops.

ACE will be the subject of several future updates this month running in tandem with Altered updates. So there’ll be something new pretty regularly for both games.

RPG a Month #1 – ACE v2.0

You’re free to download, distribute, share, and play ACE as much as you want. You are NOT free to edit or alter ACE in any way without Archfossil permission. If you have suggestions to change the game, use the contact page and let me know.

That Armory Update logo was the second thing I ever attempted to make in Inkscape. I finished it and never looked back, but now that I have to post it… It’s so ugly.

If you, like me, would like to see better art, or would just like to support the RPG a Month platform and Archfossil in general, then check out the Patreon here! It’ll help me produce more content, more often and maybe I can hire a graphic designer if I secure enough funding because… just… I mean that logo is a mess…


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