Revamping Altered

I had intended to finish out Altered’s v1.0 today. I was going to post it and call it a day. But there’s a couple of things keeping me from doing that.

A.) I don’t have enough time.

B.) I’m watching the direction it’s taking, and I’m not happy with it.

C.) I don’t want Archfossil to become associated with games I’m not happy with.

I don’t care if the game is bad or universally hated, if I’m happy with it, then that’s all fine, people can have their opinions. But when I’m not proud of something, I’m not going to put it out there and stay quiet about all of it’s flaws, pretending it all went exactly as planned. Archfossil is not EA Games or Ubisoft.

My answer, I’m going to revamp Altered. It’s going to be a similar game, but I’m going to try to cut down on some of the superfluous things and rethink some other stuff. I think part of the problem was cutting it really close to Fantasy or Modern styled Tabletop RPGs.

So this time next week, Altered 2.0 will be released. An actual superheroic RPG. Not a Modern RPG with a superhero skin, half done and rushed.

Strong shoutout to anyone who’s still bearing with me so far though all of this. It’s geniunely appreciated.


A patreon link goes at the bottom of every post I write. It seems out of place in this one where I basically apologized for not holding to my goals. But if one of my goals is to put patreon links at the bottom of all my posts, well then I’d only be letting myself down if I didn’t do that.

So… Consider checking out the Archfossil Patreon! You’ll get access to new RPG a Month titles before they release, AND you can tell me how screwed up they are before I show everyone and have to go through all this mess! Win / win!


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