Return to Form (We’re Back!)

Short hiatus is over. Updates are done (or close enough to done that I feel safe to post this.)

Altered is cleaned up just in time for me to be late posting next months RPG (yay?)

ACE update notes are the next thing to get thrown into the priority spot.

July’s game will be done shortly after.

And during all of this we’ll be reverting back to the regularly scheduled Archfossil posts. Game Journals will have to get caught up though, so you may see those double-down in the coming weeks. (So I hope you like them.)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who’s stuck around and checked the site. Everyone who’s following on all the social media sites, everyone who’s been kindly supporting and sharing the patreon. Part of the downside of Archfossil & RPG a Month being a solo job is that when life hits me, my work suffers. I’ll try to be better from now on, but sincerely, thank you to anyone who’s still here and still excited.

Altered 2.0 gets posted sometime after I sleep. If you’d like to see what next months game will be, become a patreon supporter for Archfossil. I’ll be making the announcement there same time I make the new Altered post, so you’ll be among the first to know.


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