Looking for Players & Keeping You in the Loop

It’s been slow posting here even after the promise to return to form I posted a few days ago. The main reason being, I don’t have a lot to talk about.

Frankly, I’ve been busy with work to write out the short stories I had been meaning to. And the campaign that had been fueling the ACE game journals is no longer running. Add to the mix the fact that I’m pretty sure nobody is playing ACE or Altered out there, which doesn’t give me much of a reason to post the adventure hooks, and I’m not left with much to fill the void just yet.

Ruby Seas will be releasing either tomorrow or the day after, and after it does I’m going to be looking at the content release schedule to make it a little bit more realistic and less reliant on games I’m running myself.

So, expect some silence, and then a game release, and then some changes I guess. I know I’ve talked about growing pains on here before, and this is just more of that. But the heart is still here and thanks for bearing with me though this all while I try to figure it out.

Now if you are currently looking for a game to fill some down time, let me know. I’ll be happy to keep a game of ACE or Altered or Ruby Seas running and your antics will be preserved as a game journal here forever for literally dozen of people to see.


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