Hang On It’s Not What it Looks Like…

Archfossil isn’t dead. RPG a Month isn’t dead.

This has been a particularly busy month for me both personally and professionally. Balancing a job while writing is harder than I thought it’d be and is taking some getting used to.
Gen Con is coming up and I’ll be there beforehand building sets with True Dungeon and during GenCon proper GMing Demon Hunters with Dead Gentleman. I’m going to be doing a lot of reading in the coming days for the GMing, and trying to sort out badges and carpools and other stuff like that for the occasion (but it will be fun and I hope to see you guys there!)

Family issues have popped up which I won’t delve into, but everyone knows “Family issues” can never mean something good like a very well celebrated birthday or someone coming back from the dead so feel free to enter crazy speculation mode.

Basically the important things are this:

1: Things will get back on schedule eventually.

2: Ruby Seas will release hopefully sometime this month, but if not then next month as if July just never happened and we won’t talk about it again.

3: Archfossil / RPG a Month is continuing.

4: I don’t die so easily.

5: I’m looking into twitch streaming. Currently doing stream quality tests and trying to get a better internet for it. (Currently when I stream I do so at this channel, but I’m making a different one when I get it all sorted probably.)

6: Patreons won’t be charged at all next month because this one was such a lackluster bomb of disappoint. (Sorry, but good news, you’ll get all the Patreon benefits if you go sign up now without paying for any!)

7: I’ll be on twitter less if only because I mean Jesus I’m only one person and it’s hard to stay on top of so many things right now. Which means the Archfossil Facebook is the best shot of getting a hold of me. (So go like it.)

The gist of things is that my ACE game fell apart and I didn’t have much to write about, so a large source of content was just gone one day and I haven’t had time to generate enough creative focus to fill the gap. For that I apologize, and I’d like to figure it all out and make it all better, but I don’t know how to do that yet. I’d say “bear with me” but at this point I’ve said it so much it could go on my tombstone.

Now that we’ve got that all squared away, stop poking the Archfossil corpse with a stick. It’s not dead yet, just napping for a minute. Life is hard, I’m sorry, but I’ll be back soon. ♥


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