Upcoming GenCon Stories

So as I mentioned in the last post a week or so ago, I’m all over GenCon. I was there the days before helping some people set up, I was there yesterday, will be there today and tomorrow, and also the day after it ends. It’s a very busy week for me, and I kind of wish it would never end.

Sadly, it has to. The good news is though that when it does, I can release a couple of stories about what the whole thing was like. I can’t do that just yet because part of what I had done was set up for True Dungeon, and I’m not allowed to spoil the experience anywhere, which is exactly what the stories I have in mind would do. So in short, you’ll have to wait until at least Sunday (probably Monday) to see those from me (as well as some pictures)

But they’re pretty interesting. And I know they’re not what I’d normally post, but at the moment what I normally post is “nothing” so it’ll be better than that. ♥


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