What’s Happening to Archfossil

So I’ve taken some time to rethink what I want Archfossil to be. I want to do RPG a month, and I still will in time, but it’s on break for a while.
I had planned to make split sources for Tabletop RPGs and one for my Video Game interests. Archfossil was to be the RPG one. However I clearly don’t have a large enough audience to split them, so I’m hoping I’ll get some overlap and just throw both categories into Archfossil.

What that means is I’ll be Streaming and uploading Youtube videos regularly and attaching them to the Archfossil name / brand / site whatever.

Now that normally wouldn’t interfere with RPG a Month. What is keeping me from doing it is that I’m working on a larger project. A full scale game that I can write supplements for so I have something to do with the Archfossil site. In short, what’s happening, is RPG a Month is on break until my full RPG is released and in the meantime I’ll be working on Youtube / Twitch stuff. But I’ll be back.


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