Writing Series

Writing Atlas: Crafting Pillar Pt-1

I put off writing this one for a while because the only major pillar I was really certain of was Combat. Crafting and Travel pillars are still being worked out so I’m just kind of writing as it goes. So there’s your disclaimer.

The idea of a crafting pillar came from an early idea on how to handle magic. By early I mean like almost 7 years ago I had decided to try a magic system that used materials as a catalyst for casting. So if you wanted to cast a spell that used cold elements, you’d need a material with a cold affinity. The more powerful the spell, the more materials it used. The problem with this was mage classes weren’t very fun or interesting to play. It ended up making casters more about resource management than anything else. And while that has a place in game for sure, I didn’t want it to be the forefront of a class or a group of classes. It also created a problem where either any character could cast magic using the materials or only mages could, which compounded things by making players either share resources (giving them to mage characters who would probably get to cast spells cheaper than the non-casters) or make the materials totally useless to like %80 of the party.

So resource dependent magic didn’t make it in the game, but I had wrote out all these resources and elements. I decided I could probably use the elements as a sort of base for non-physical damage. So things would deal Dark damage or Fire damage or so on, and I had a sort of “table of elements” (heh) for all those damage types to implement. After figuring out damage types I moved on to spells which would rely on the same elements. Then from spells to magic items. As I was making magic items and trying to keep them distinct from the spells I had already written, I realized there was no means for the players to make the items themselves.

I took a break from putting the pieces together about here to find out how important a crafting aspect to a tabletop RPG actually was. I got the impression that it’s pretty important, with some RPGs going so far as to only have three major classes along the lines of Fighter, Mage, and Crafter. So I felt like I had to include it. I also kind of wanted to include it just because it seemed like a fun thing to have that would add a lot of depth to Atlas.

Because I’m not feeling great at the time of writing, I’m going to go more into the process the crafting pillar has taken tomorrow, and probably just focus on it for the rest of the week with Travel coming up whenever Crafting gets finished.

Short post, sorry. But human things happen sometimes. To help me become an advanced cyborg immune to the perils of human life, check the Archfossil Patreon page. You’ll find things like “under construction” and “hang on, not using this until new years.”


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