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Writing Atlas: Crafting Pillar – Pt 4

Yesterday I kind of took forever to publish the article and just put out what I had like submitting only “mostly done” homework for partial credit. So this is the rest of it.

I touched on how I felt about the freeform crafting idea yesterday and how it really is more of an “idea” than a worthwhile mechanic. But I still want players to be able to make whatever they want using that style and that back and forth exchange with the GM.

So the decision I’ve made is, some of the advanced crafting classes will have a capstone ability allowing them to use the freeform crafting rules with certain affinity materials. There are 12 affinity materials in game so I had to decide who gets what and why.

The 12 Affinities are…

  1. Air
  2. Arcane
  3. Cold
  4. Dark
  5. Earth
  6. Fire
  7. Holy
  8. Mind
  9. Spirit
  10. Toxic
  11. Volt
  12. Water

And at first this felt right. There were 11 advanced classes. Some like the Colossus wouldn’t need one, and I could stack multiple affinities on multiple classes. Like giving both the Trapper and the Artificer access to Air, Cold, Earth, and so on because the Trapper is natural based and the Artificer is just kind of a general high-tier crafter of sorts.

This started to fall apart when I realized that only the Artificer would make sense to use Arcane affinities. Likewise with Thaumaturge and Acolyte using Holy and Dark affinities. While other classes could use them, those were the basis for the templates those classes came from so it felt… I don’t know, “special” to them.

So I’ll take a compromise option. Every Crafting template class (basic and advanced) will give you access to freeform crafting, but only with one affinity. The affinity unlocked is chosen by you when you unlock the freeform crafting.

While this means that the Arcane, Divine, and Pact classes are no longer the sole wielders of Arcane, Holy, and Dark affinities, I believe that a player who wishes to use those classes will find those affinities match well with the flavor of their character and use them anyway. This also opens up Trappers to decide what aspect of the natural elements they want to use most (Air, Cold, Earth,etc.)

So in short, Crafters get access to a bunch of items unique to their class of choice to make making each Crafter class special. On top of that, hitting the max level of any Crafter class will give you the ability to build whatever you want using whatever affinity material you decide to use. Hitting the max level of future Crafting classes gives you more affinity material access to build your wild machinations.

Short post again, but we finished the Crafting Pillar! Tomorrow is the start of the Travel¬†Pillar articles which will last for however long it takes for me to write the Travel Pillar. If you enjoy this writing for an audience type of thing, consider giving to the Archfossil Patreon. It’ll help fund more stuff like this in the future and you’ll get access to super-secret patron only posts for cool kids.


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