Writing Series

Writing Atlas: Travel Pillar pt-1

Travel is a staple of tabletop RPGs, even if nobody really mentions it or travelling in-game gets glanced over because the plot is happening somewhere far away and the players need to be there to make the fun happen. But Travel itself can be fun. It can add a whole layer of depth to a game if you make use of it. Same for when nothing at all is happening. Can you imagine a movie where nobody is characterized and it’s just non-stop action? If you can imagine that movie, it’s because you’ve seen Transformers. (burn)

Even in the downtime between action and travel, when all your characters have to do that day is sit and whistle, there can be a lot of depth. The Travel Pillar is (will be) written in an attempt to explore that depth and make movement around your lands fun and interesting.

Maybe that sounds boring, but I’ll be spending the next couple days writing the “hear me out” part.

The main elements of the Travel Pillar as I’d like to focus on them will be as follows.

  • Survival elements like camping, hunting, finding food and shelter and so on.
  • Scouting. Reducing chances of random encounters, tracking targets, etc.
  • Character Development. Both in game terms of experience and in story terms of just plain character development.
  • Literal travel. So rules for how long it takes to get from one point to another, rules for vehicle use, things like that.

I’ll be going over all those aspects of the Travel pillar in the next couple articles and I’ll be writing along with them. So it should be kinda fun to watch the development process unfold as it unfolds (I hope.)

However this does most likely mean much shorter articles than the first few. But the emphasis is on the game not the posts about the game and I have to split time somehow.

To help me justify splitting my time away from work and towards these articles, check the Archfossil Patreon and consider grabbing one of the reward tiers there.


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