Atlas is Taking Forever, Quick Update on Why

February has been a month full of beta programs like For Honor and Ghost Recon: Wildlands and I’ve been stockpiling footage from those games to put on youtube sometime shortly.

I haven’t stopped working on Atlas though (For Honor matchmaking times take long enough that I’ve been able to write waiting for games) and what I’m stuck on right now is Weapons and Armor.

“Stuck” isn’t exactly the correct term, I know what to do, I’m just having a hard time pulling the trigger on if I want to do it or not. Like waiting for a better idea to show up.

To clarify, weapons in Atlas run on a proficiency system. You can always perform a “default” attack with a weapon like any  other game, but if you have say lv-2 Proficiency with Axes, you can perform a unique trick with axe-type weapons. With a Tomahawk this might be a bonus to ATK / DMG when throwing it, but with a Greataxe it might allow you to make a “Sweeping Attack” and target an area rather than an individual. While each specific Axe-type weapon will have a different “trick” at Lv-2 Proficiency, your proficiency is dictated by the weapon type rather than the weapon specific. So you would only need to level your Axe Proficiency to unlock the Tomahawk and Greataxe lv-2 tricks.

I think this is a fun and deep angle of customization that tabletop RPGs don’t typically take and I wanted to apply it to Armor too. I got stuck on this for a while though, because it’s a bit harder to make Armor as interesting as Weapons despite only having three main categories (Light, Medium, Heavy.)

Sure I could introduce more armor categories and specific tricks and proficiency (Plate Armor, Leather Armor, Chain Armor, etc) but I kind of wanted to keep it simple here. I think overall your armor selection defines less about your character than your weapon of choice does. So applying the same proficiency style to armor was my challenge.

I only ended up with 5 for Light and Medium Armors and got stuck on Heavy. Then I decided to open it up away from “armor proficiency” and into “armor customization” and it became a little bit easier. Light Armor could now be customized to be “Undercover” so you wear it seamlessly under your clothing to stay under the radar. Heavy Armor could be customized to be decorated and flashy with “Authority” to help you pull enemy attention and perform better in diplomacy and intimidation. There were other aspects as well such as Soft Padding allowing Light Armor wearers to sneak better, and an increased carrying capacity for Heavy Armors. Medium Armor was a bit challenging to “customize” though. Initially all the Heavy Armor customization went to Medium & Heavy Armors but I wanted each armor category to feel unique and have their own identity. At the moment I’ve “solved” the problem by allowing Medium Armor to take customization options from btoh Light and Heavy Armor categories. This will need some playtesting to see if Medium Armor becomes too powerful with access to twice as much customization.

So this is kind of where I’m at. Writing weapon proficiency tricks, and hoping a clearer Medium Armor customization option appears to me. I’ll probably be back to posting regularly sometime in March but if I get stuck (really stuck) again I’ll post about that too.


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