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Weapon Template

It’s been a minute since I’ve had anything to say about Atlas, though I have been working on it. I’ve finally worked out how weapons are going to be. It’s a little different.

So far we’re here. This is a draft of how I expect weapons to look in the final version (the current link is just to Battle Axes and how they’re used as well as a brief explanation of the layout.)

Each default weapon comes with a stat sheet including the Type, Cost, Handedness, Damage, Momentum, and Flourishes. Everything presented should make sense to most RPG fans except Momentum and Flourishes. I’ve talked about them before, but I’ll recap since it’s been a while.

Momentum is a goal you can hit during any combat encounter to activate a flourish. You want to get momentum since flourishes are big damage dealers and can change the tides of battle. Flourishes can be activated whenever you hit momentum, or roll a critical hit (Nat 20.) You don’t have to activate a flourish right as you achieve momentum, so you can build momentum on minion type enemies and hit the big bad of the fight with your flourish for maximum effect. It adds an extra dimension of strategy to combat knowing when your “critical” is going to go off.

Now that you’re all caught up on default mechanics, I’ll explain what the rest of that PDF is that you’re seeing. Each default weapon (in this case the Battle Axe) comes with 4* proficiency options. At each level you can unlock one of these proficiencies to give you an extra edge over your opponent and a new dimension to your combat.

*The standard amount of proficiency options right now is 4, but that number won’t be uniform and might expand later.

After the proficiencies are Weapon Options. These are alternate forms of the same weapon, in this case a Tomahawk being an alternate to a Battle Axe. The Tomahawk can be used similarly to the Battle Axe, uses the same default stats, but the Tomahawk can be thrown as an attack. It also comes with it’s own list of proficiency options for further customization.

So the weapon list will look sort of like the example provided (hopefully more cleaned up and organized better.) But that’s the mechanical direction I’m taking with my weapons list.

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