About & Contact

–About Me–

My name is Jesse, I’m (currently) the only writer behind Archfossil. I’ve been writing and playing Tabletop RPGs for 15 years now (since I was 10.) My first game of D&D ever, I DM’d for my Uncle using the pre-made adventure that comes in the D&D Starter Box.

I’ve been exploring game design like an addiction. I usually abhor doing math, but I went deep into the numbers. I remember once I was taking up a 40in TV as a monitor to make an excel spreadsheet about “Racial Attribute Bonuses and Penalties” in D&D 3.5 because it seemed unfair that if you wanted to have a high Charisma you only had a few options.

I’ve been doing this for more than half my life. It’s the only thing I consider myself to have a talent for. It’s the only thing I want to do. And so it has become like a full time job for me. This is what I think about pretty much all day. This is where I really live, and this is what I am and want to be.

–About Archfossil–

Archfossil is a platform for me to get out everything I can. It’s where I’m sharing every RPG-relevant creation and thought with the world. It’s also something like a publishing site. The idea is constantly changing and always growing as I come up with more ideas that I want to put out there.

Because it is young, and it’s place in the world is rather undefined, we may experience some growing pains. Some ideas might not work out. Sadly, that’s how things go sometimes. But bear with us. There’s a soul here that you won’t find anywhere else, and you don’t want to miss it.

archfossil@gmail.com is the e-mail.
@archfossil is the twitter. <your best shot at getting in touch with me.>
facebook.com/archfossil is the Facebook.
archfossilrpgs.tumblr is the Tumblr <I don’t use this very often honestly.>

The Patreon page is here. Consider giving it a read if you’re a fan of what I’m trying to do. I’d appreciate it more than I can really put into words, and I’ll do my best to reward you for that.


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